At ezyprotein  we are passionate about helping people to look and feel great! We are a team of health and fitness enthusiasts, keen on natural nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

ezyprotein  was developed as a plant based whole food protein powder that tastes great and is good for you too! We believe that ezyprotein  is one of the best plant-based protein powders on the market today!

In this modern world we are often overloaded with hype and conflicting information telling us what we should eat. Nothing beats high quality natural wholefoods as the best source of nutrition for our bodies.

We believe that eating healthy foods should be something easy, simple & quick to incorporate into our lives. ezyprotein  can be a meal replacement and help you to get high quality, easily absorbed plant protein quickly and efficiently.

We love it on its own or as a protein foundation for the hundreds of great smoothie recipes available online.

We scour the world for the best available Organic Brown Rice Protein and we independently test it to ensure that ezyprotein  has no added nasties. We’re proud that it is naturally hypo-allergenic and is very kind on your stomach and digestive system.

It’s suitable for women and men who want plant based nutrition to support their personal goals – Whether you are interested in weight loss, maintenance, or mass gain, ezyprotein  can play a role as a real-food meal replacement. Better yet – it comes without sugar, soy, or gluten.

For these reasons we are happy to share it internationally – we send our product right across Australia, and to countries around the world including NZ, UK, India, Hong Kong, Thailand, Canada and Europe.