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Celebrate Organic!

Right now, we are celebrating Australian Organic Awareness month. Ezy Protein is proud to be certified organic with Australian Organic – the leading organic industry body in Australia. 

It means the farms, products, or manufacturing services we use are independently verified by a certification agency as being organic.

We use ingredients from all over the world. We look for the best quality certified organic products for our ezy protein flavours. Because the ingredients are natural and harvest or season dependent, we source from Australia, Dominican Republic, Pakistan, Vietnam, Germany, Bolivia, Mongolia, Peru, USA, China, Chile and India.

Every part of the supply chain from the soil on the farm, to production of an ingredient has been through rigorous audits and testing and adhered to a standard such as the Australian Certified Organic Standard or a similar affiliated international program.

Both Ezy Protein (and Ezy Flora) are certified Non-Fumigation, Non-Irradiation, and Non-GMO. They are free from synthetic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, hormones, and antibiotics. Also, Ezy Protein and Ezy Flora are Fair-Trade products and not tested on animals.

You Can Trust Certified.

It basically means you can trust that certified organic products are healthy, safe, and good for nutrition. They are also better for the environment. The logo means the product is genuinely organic.

There are products out there that prominently display the word “Organic” on their packaging. Unless they are Certified with a recognised body you have no guarantee that the product is exactly that. So, check the logo details – if you do not recognise it you can always pull out the trusty phone and google it!

Australian Organic Awareness Month is for us an opportunity to recognise the hard-working farmers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers that care enough to be certified Organic. Its good for all of us, and the more the better!

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