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Be the Best You Can Be!

Good physical and mental health is the foundation for enjoying life to the fullest. The best quality organic vegan protein can support a healthy lifestyle.

1. Mindset + Action

Doing the same things you’ve always done wont get you different results. Likewise, neither is just thinking about it! If you want to improve the quality of your life you have to proactively and physically do something about it!

2. Move……. More!

Regular exercise is important for you to be at your best. Combining strength and cardio exercise into your daily or weekly routine is a far better option than sedentary behaviour. Fitness enables better participation and ultimately a higher quality of life.

3. Eat Clean

Increase your consumption of plant-based food, whilst decreasing your consumption of sugary, ultra-processed, unhealthy fat-filled foods. There are hundreds of delicious alternatives to try, and you will find that it’s easier than you think!

4. Learn

When you first learned to ride a bike, it was hard. It took time and practice, and you made mistakes before you mastered it. Now it’s natural to you. Similarly, changing what you think and do about diet and exercise won’t become second nature until you spend time developing your knowledge base.

5. Supplement

Often it seems like we are living in a time-poor world. Optimising your time without compromising your health is easier said than done. Ezy protein can help you stay on track and to avoid the temptations of less-healthy food options. Ultimately, Ezy Protein was created to support the achievement of your health, fitness and well-being goals.

4 Great Tasting Plant-Based Flavours

Why ezyprotein is a Great Idea

Lactose Free

If you experience stomach discomfort, gas or bloating from an intolerance to lactose and Dairy products, ezyprotein could be a great option for you.

Easy to Absorb

ezyprotein is suitable for everyone including athletes and people with active lifestyles. It’s an excellent source of natural, hypo-allergenic dietary protein.

Diet Friendly

Made from Gluten Free Ingredients, ezyprotein has no added sugar and is also free from Soy, and Wheat. It’s also Non GMO!

100% Vegan

As a plant-based protein powder, ezyprotein is 100% Vegan. It is also Fair Trade and is not tested on Animals!

Being Certified Organic is a big deal!

It’s not just a fancy claim – every part of the supply chain from the soil on the farm to the production of ezyprotein has been through rigorous audits and testing and adheres to the Australian Certified Organic Standard (ACOS) or a similar affiliated program.

This means that ezyprotein is Non-Fumigation, Non-Irradiation, and Non-GMO, and our Products are free from synthetic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, hormones, and antibiotics.

Customers Love ezyprotein

“Thank you… We love the product!”


“Hi there, I’ve been buying your chocolate protein for a while now, it’s the best tasting rice protein available…… Thank-you “


“I have been using ezy protein powder for about a year now and I’m very impressed with the taste, consistency and extremely clean ingredients.  Very happy to support an open and honest company who answers any questions about their product. My number one go-to plant-based protein powder for my family. Highly recommend.”


“Hello – We’ve been buying your Ezy Protein Vanilla 1kg tubs for about 3-4 years now. We use it about 4-5 times a week in our morning smoothies – and love it. “


“You guys are amazing! I ordered my protein powder in the morning and received it in the afternoon…. on the same day! Awesome!:-D “


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Super Simple Six Ingredient Chocolate Date Protein Balls

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Being Certified Organic Matters!

Being Certified Organic Matters!

Celebrate Organic! Right now, we are celebrating Australian Organic Awareness month. Ezy Protein is proud to be certified organic with Australian Organic – the leading organic industry body in Australia.  It means the farms, products, or manufacturing services we use...

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Your Serve! Protein Portion Size.

Your Serve! Protein Portion Size.

When it comes to protein portion size: 1 scoop does not fit all! Your Serve! No its not a tennis reference! I thought I'd break down the fairly complex topic of protein portion size due to the number of queries we've received. When it comes to ezy protein, the...

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Recipe Inspiration

Recipe Inspiration

    There are so many great ways to enjoy ezy protein! Thought for Food. Since we revamped the website we've had requests for recipes involving ezy protein. We are compiling and updating plant based protein recipes as this is written. In the meantime you can find...

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At ezyprotein we are all about helping people to optimise well-being. We are on this planet for a very short time and good physical and mental health is so important to enjoy a fulfilling life. We are passionate about helping people to be at their best, and we do this by providing carefully and ethically sourced, certified organic health food supplements and body care products. Enjoy!

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