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Q’s Ezy Chocolate Protein Waffles

Here’s a super quick and easy recipe to cook some delicious waffles using Ezy Protein Chocolate. We make these vegan delights for Sunday brunch as a post-workout treat to end a good week. They take only 5 minutes to prepare and then the cooking time depends on your waffle maker and how you like them! For the ingredients we use flax meal instead of eggs, and Nuttelex instead of butter. For the milk we use Almond Barista-Style milk but any milk would be fine. We use Almond Barista because it is slightly sweeter (less than a teaspoon) and no extra sugar is needed. We’ve found this a simple way to change up your protein intake rather than having shakes and smoothies all the time for protein supplementation. This recipe makes 4-5 hot chocolate waffles.

 The Ingredients:

1 cup of milk (and a little spare).

4 tablespoons of water

2 tablespoons of Flax Meal

1 cup of flour

1 scoop or 2 tablespoons of  ezy protein Chocolate

75 grams of Nuttelex (melted)

1/8th of a teaspoon of salt


Combine all dry ingredients in a bowl including the flax meal – many egg-substitution recipes add water to the meal separately and let it sit. I find it easier to mix it in with the flour, protein powder and salt and then add milk and water gradually until you have a nice batter-like consistency. Add the melted Nuttelex last and let sit for a few minutes prior to cooking. If the mixture cannot easily be poured into the waffle iron then feel free to add some more milk and blend it to a smooth consistency.

Heat your iron/waffle maker to your liking and pour in the batter – cook to your preference.

Serve with your favourite toppings – we like to mash strawberries or bananas, or ripe mango in season. It’s a great reward for the end of a busy week!