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There are so many great ways to have ezy protein!

Thought for Food.

Since we revamped the website we’ve had requests for recipes involving ezy protein. We are compiling and updating plant based protein recipes as this is written. In the meantime you can find a comprehensive list of (we think) great smoothies that we like here: – This is a great collection of over 70 different smoothies. You’ll find incredible combinations of fruits and vegetables to combine into healthy (and not so healthy!) drinks. From a protein supplementation perspective you would simply add 1 serve (a scoop or @ 2 rounded tablespoons) to any of the recipes.

Beyond that we LOVE frozen fruit smoothies, and mixing ezy protein with nuts, fruit, and yogurt is divine. we use coconut yogurt because it’s lactose free. It’s almost like a mousse……. and great as a healthy dessert! There are plenty of other options for adding ezy protein Chocolate, Vanilla or Wild Berry blended into waffle, biscuit, cheesecake and pancake mixes. These are awesome for changing up your snacks and beyond.

Ezy protein Natural can be used to replace the equivalent weight of flour in baking applications (as long as it’s not too much). It can provide plant based protein in your main meals of the day. We have even used it to bolster protein levels in mashes, chowders and soups.

We are still some way away from publishing actual plant based protein recipes. So please bear with us! In the meantime we suggest you experiment, and let us know if you come up with some great tasting dishes!!

Wishing you good health and well-being!