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Ezy Protein Sachets – But Wait there’s more!


Now you have single serves that you can have on the run, or buy a week’s supply of 7, or you can try all the different Ezy Protein flavours without breaking the bank!

ezy protein used to be available in “Trial Size” tubs of 7 servings. We could never quite get them to a price point that made sense and they were discontinued last year. While we were locked away avoiding a certain pandemic that was going around we have been developing a better alternative that we know you’re going to love!

Introducing: our entire range available in single serve sachets, and in boxes of 7. Now you can enjoy a week’s supply in convenient single packaging. We’ve also developed a Mixed box of 7 so that you can try 2 of each of Vanilla, Chocolate, and Wild Berry and 1 of Natural.

Ezy Protein Single Serve Sachets are:

  • Super ezy to carry – can be used when you are out and about.
  • Lets you mix and match flavours.
  • Takes less outlay to purchase,
  • and like our full size tubs, uses fully recyclable packaging

We are very proud to make these available to you and we hope you enjoy them!

Stay Safe!

Link to purchase:

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